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Coming up...3 week mini-series in Afton -- real life learning with your reactive dog (who lunges, barks and **loses it** around other dogs)

My first dog was wildly reactive, which left me feeling shame, blame and loads of inadequacy as a dog parent. On walks he would snarl, growl, lunge bark and pull like crazy. I had no idea what to do.

So I started going to puppy play groups, which led me to a wonderful positive dog trainer. I signed up for group class after group class and learned lots of cues like "watch me", "let's go", "touch", and the likes. I loved the trainers I worked with and was grateful for their knowledge and time spent mentoring me. It was through this course work I began my journey into dog training.

Now, I realize what those classes were missing. They missed the real life stuff. The run in's with other dogs around blind corners, the other dog that was also losing it and not to mention people coming up and still asking to pet my dog, despite his obvious discomfort with strangers.

So, this series is created thoughtfully for you to learn, in real life, how to help your dog through their reactivity while also giving them positive exposures to other dogs and people from a distance.

Rockfish Valley Community Center has a wonderful field where we can station each dog and handler at a comfortable, custom distance so your dog can get real life training, out and about with other dogs.

Look out for classes starting at the end of July, Thursday evenings (for 3 weeks) starting at 7:30 pm to beat the heat.

Class size limited to 4 dogs. Max.

Not sure if this class is right for you? Give me a ring. The phone's always on!

"To begin, begin," -- William Wordsworth

"The only constant in life is change," -- Anne Schaefer

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