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In-Home Programs


In-your-home Puppy and Dog Training

Obedience and Behavior Modification for Problem Behaviors 

Initial, 90 Minute Training Session & Behavior Consultation (1 dog)


During our initial consultation we will dive into important topics that can affect your dog's behavior, such as: the benefits of an appropriate diet and food drive, specific exercise needs, important breed characteristics that influence behavior and what makes dogs act the way they do.  Sessions occur when our schedules align by appointment on Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday. Our training program will be designed based on your specific goals and spaced out appropriately for you and your dog to complete training homework in between working lessons. The curriculum we outline together will help you accomplish your goals with your dog in a consistent, progressive manner. 

Subsequent, 60 Minute Training Sessions 

After completing our initial training session and behavior consultation, subsequent training sessions will occur on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly training schedule. The training frequency depends on how much time you and your dog need to practice the curriculum covered in between sessions. A program will be provided with the outlined curriculum to stay organized and goal-oriented. Sessions will be scheduled out to maintain consistency and progression. 

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