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Service Pricing


In home puppy and dog training, obedience and behavior consultations 

Initial, 90 Minute Training Session & Behavior Consultation: $195


During our initial consultation we will discuss important topics in addition to actual, real life training, such as: the benefits of an appropriate diet, specific exercise needs, important breed characteristics that influence behavior and what makes dogs act the way they do.  Sessions occur when our schedules align and are based on the curriculum we outline together to help you accomplish your goals while obtaining important information on how dogs learn. 

Subsequent, 60 Minute Training Sessions: $135/hour 

After completing our initial training session and behavior consultation, subsequent training sessions will occur as frequently as needed depending on how quickly you and your dog learn the covered information, when our schedules align and your financial budget. Sessions will begin at home and progress into more challenging environments once the foundation work has been established. 

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