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Connect and play by letting go of your training agenda

As a society, we are notorious for setting goals. Making plans. Doing what it takes to abide by our planners.

Well, what if I told you that you could put your dog training agenda to the side and really connect and play with your dog, authentically?

In order to get to know our dogs, we have to observe them. Be with them. Play with them. Take notice of what makes them tick. What gets them excited, nervous or content.

Put aside all the dog training check lists that you've researched. Forget about the training protocols in the back of the dog training manual your friend promised

would make the perfect dog.

Instead, take notice to what you already love about your dog. Focus on the things you do like, right here, raw and gushy and jumpy. All of it.

After you've come to accept your dog for who they are, and focus on their personality traits you already love, now you are ready to play. To cuddle. To provide support for what they are needing. To find the right walk time and place. To itch their favorite itch.

Through your nuanced approach to meeting their needs, and avoiding the things we think we should do with our dogs, now you can start those training games. Now you know the treats they love, or don't, what their favorite toys are that you can use for reinforcement, or what time of day they best enjoy working with you.

Now, the true partnership can develop.

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