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Drop Off Puppy Crate Training Program in Waynesboro!

We have all heard it before -- you have to crate train your puppy OR ELSE! Some of the many benefits of gentle crate training include --

  1. Streamlining the housebreaking process

  2. Chewing prevention

  3. Teaching your dog how to settle down and rest comfortably, undisturbed

  4. Reduction in stress between the owner and puppy by reducing constant supervision of their puppy

  5. Preparation for close confinement preparing your dog for future stays at the veterinarian in confinement

As a homeschooling mother, my family and I value serving our community. We decided to create this program because our lifestyle suits the needs and exposures puppies need to thrive.

During your puppy's stay your puppy will be interacted with gently by dog-savvy children, exposed to short car rides, trained in local parks for short durations (that fit their individual needs), introduced to the fundamentals of loose leash walking with positive reinforcement training techniques and lots of gentle crate training in our cozy home.

We look forward to helping your puppy grow and thrive -- in February we plan to partner with Augusta County Parks & Rec and offer a puppy training series. We continue to offer in-your-home dog training for any behavior related challenges (all ages) as well as an introduction to obedience in your home, gradually progressing to your favorite local park.

Wherever you are in your journey, know that you do not have to do this alone! Come join a community of like-minded dog enthusiasts who believe in the power of positive dog training, community and collaboration.

As always, the phone is always on. Give me a call and let's talk dog!

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