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Find your dog tribe and join the Trail Hiking Dog Club!

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Make that first step memorable by hiking it with your pup," -- unknown

We've all heard it before...."a tired dog is a happy dog," but what about you? Do you feel more at ease after some physical activity, particularly after a quiet hike in the woods amidst Mother Nature with your four-legged companion by your side?

Research shows that creating a sense of belonging is one of life's simplest methods to achieve a sense of happiness and connection. So, let's add our dogs into the mix and create something beautiful together.

For clients who have completed three or more training sessions, come join us in the woods, every 4th Sunday at Sherando Lake! This 1.4 mile Lakeside Trail Loop runs around the perimeter of the lower lake (main beach/lake area). Park at the main parking lot and meet on the beach, we will plan to start the hike at 3:15. A guideline will be provided for each attendee to review prior to our hike.

To register, e-mail Melissa at or text or call (267) 640-5720. Remember, you must have completed three of more training sessions to be eligible for this hike. Dog friendly dogs only, unless we discuss an outlined procedure otherwise.

Pack a blanket and a snack (for you and your dog!) to enjoy some relaxation time on the beach afterward together, because life's better with good company and dogs!

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