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Getting out of a training funk...or getting into a training routine for your first time 🐕 📅

You've landed here, or clicked on this e-mail, because you feel this. You feel the call to connect deeper with your dog, stop all those walks or the same games in the backyard and start really learning and training together.

As a huge advocate of self directed learning, I believe dogs, and we humans, are always learning. For those who felt the gravitation pull to dive deeper into this living and learning adventure, it seems like you want to set more intention, and maybe even direction, with what you're working on.

I'm not here to give you a training plan, I'm here to make an invitation. An invitation to let yourself off the hook and have fun with your dog. Maybe you want to figure out how to get your dog to spin, jump or chase a frisbee on cue, whatever it is, the invitation is simple -- can you set aside 5 minutes, today, to take one small action step toward your goal?

My second invitation is to let go of any fear you have about the outcome -- imagine this is your first date and you have no expectations. You're just taking a chance, and hopefully, it's with intentions to have fun and live a little!

So today, have fun. Spend 5 minutes, or more if it feels good, and connect with your dog. What do they want to do? What do you want to do? And how can you meet somewhere in the middle to make it mutually beneficial?

Happy training!

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