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Virginia Company Dog Training

Building healthy relationships through dog friendly training techniques to create happy dogs and owners

Offering one-on-one dog training and coaching in Augusta and Nelson County, Virginia 

In-home dog training...
how it all works

What you can expect when you call to schedule your first in-home dog training session...

1. We'll pick a day/.time that works well for the consultation and training session (90 minutes in length)

2, During our consultation we will create a training program to target any behavior problems, identify goals and stay organized with a shared document highlighting all the training material we cover

3. We'll practice training exercises together so you know exactly how to do the work with your dog in between sessions

4. Outline progressions to make in between sessions so you know exactly what to do and when

5. Receive support by e-mail in between sessions

6. Schedule our sessions at each session's completion and pay as you go or 

7. Schedule your sessions out so you can progress at a constant rate with a package 

Dog training should be so fun and safe that even your kids can do it, too!

How we train dogs works, and here's why 

At Virginia Company our focus during training is centered upon your personal goals. By utilizing the principles of classical and operant conditioning during training, your dog will be eager to work for positive motivators.  We are here to help you create the most out of your relationship with your pet through gentle and humane training methods. We encourage your entire family to participate during training sessions. 


My Services

At Virginia Company Dog Training our goal is simple - happy dogs and owners. Through dog friendly training techniques,  we'll teach your dog new tricks while providing you with a thorough understanding of your dog's current behavior trends, temperament and daily exercise needs. With patience and kindness, training will be fun and effective based on your dog's personal needs.

Cute Dog

Problem behaviors affect our relationship with our dog, let us help you figure out what's causing your dog to act out. With gentle, humane and progressive training with positive motivators, we can begin to modify your dog's emotional response to stressful stimuli together. 

Some common issues include:

  1. Fears and phobias 

  2. Aggression

  3. Separation anxiety

  4. Reactivity

  5. Resource guarding 

  6. Barrier/fence aggression

Behavior Modification

Puppy Training

Private, In-Home Training 

At Home & At Your Neighborhood Park 

Puppies are so much fun, but often we forget just how much work they can be while we all get used to life together. Let us help you get off on the right foot so you can truly enjoy all the happiness puppies can bring!

Some areas of training include:

  1. Crate training


  2. Potty training 


  3. Loose leash walking 


  4. Socialization 


  5. Focus and control in stimulating environments


  6. How to effectively communicate​


  7. Baby-dog preparation and integration

Happy Dog_edited_edited.jpg

Intermediate/Advanced Obedience

Setting The Foundation or Raising The Bar

All dogs thrive when they are given the ability to use their intelligence with purpose. Teaching new behaviors and tricks is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your dog while also providing them with mental enrichment they need.

Basic Obedience & Fun Tricks could include:

  1. Sit

  2. Touch

  3. Down

  4. Stay 

  5. (Come) Here

  6. Sit Pretty

  7. Chin Rest 

  8. Spin

  9. Roll Over 

  10. Balance Work (leading into basic agility)

  11. Intro to Agility 

Puppy Preschool

Helping you and your puppy learn while you work

Puppyhood requires a strong foundation of skills in order to thrive in adolescence and beyond. While you work, let us help! 
Your puppy will enjoy the comfort of a family home, which includes three young children as active participants in your puppy’s training, appropriate exposure to two, adult dogs, and one adolescent cat.
Our days will include obedience training — sit, come, down, stay and mat training (curriculum criteria depends on the length of the stay and puppy’s learning capacity), appropriate toy play (to decrease mouthing) and crate training.
Let us help you create the best version of your puppy, all while having fun! 


Let’s connect! 


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The Help Center

Have a Question? Here’s an Answer

What types of dogs does Virginia Company Dog Training train?

We welcome all dogs, regardless of their age, breed, or prior training history — here at Virginia Company Dog Training our customized training sessions offer you the ability to outline your goals and we work with your personal schedule and time line. 

What does Virginia Company Dog Training do differently than others in your field?

We offer one on one dog training, in your home, so we can begin making progress together right away. Our sessions are always tailored specifically for your goals, with our ultimate focus being on increasing the quality of your relationship with your dog through positive dog training.

As a member of the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers, we believe in positive dog training that strengthens you and your dog’s relationship. We welcome all types of dogs and feel strongly that each dog is capable of learning. 

What areas do you service? 

Virginia Company Dog Training offers private, in home dog training. We are happy to serve the greater Augusta County and surrounding areas. 

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