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Share a session & split the cost of training + many more benefits!

Have you been considering dog training but you're not sure you can afford the cost associated with private, one-on-one training?

Do you have a friend who also has a dog who would benefit from dog training? Maybe a neighbor whose dog won't stop barking at your communal fence line?

Beside splitting the cost of training in half with your friend/neighbor, below you will find some other added benefits:

  1. Dogs get used to learning and training around other dogs, which sets them up for success in the future (park walks, hikes, dog park, etc.).

  2. Dogs learn to stay calm around other dogs.

  3. Feel more confident knowing what triggers your down when meeting other dogs and feel prepared to be proactive for such interactions.

  4. Have more fun being around other dogs and dog loving humans!

Enjoy the weekend with your dog and remember, any action toward training is better than none! Start with 5 minutes a day, in addition to your established routine -- not sure what to train?

Stay tuned next week for some fun training exercises!

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