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Stop leash pulling, today!

You’ve heard the phrase before while your dog pulls you toward that “special spot” on your daily walk — “Hey! Who’s walking who?!”, an innocent passerby chuckles to themselves. You, on the other hand, fight the embarrassment, guilt and failure of teaching your dog how to walk like a pro. How did this happen? When did you become such a push over controlled by YOUR dog?

Does this sound familiar? You’re not alone!

Dogs intrinsically pull against pressure, but with the simple, yet brilliant, operant training methods utilizing leash pressure (see this one by one of my favorite dog trainers in the UK, Emily Larlham, find out more about her here (, I promise you can begin making progress TODAY.

Give it a try, even if it’s not a puppy, this method works. It teaches your dog what to do when they feel pressure, which is to stop, orient to you, and move toward the pressure. It's really very simple, no wonder all the leading positive dog trainers are using it!

Grab some hotdogs or cheese and get training, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Here’s one more if you need some extra convincing

Now, get training! You can do this!

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